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New Forest Back Office, 2nd. Floor Fourelle House, Marchwood Industrial Estate Southampton SO40 4BJ


New Forest Back Office

Putting Customer back into Service

Since 2012


Here are some of the tasks we perform for our clients:

The only limit to what we do is governed by our clients.

We are flexible and co-operative and take the time to learn about you, your business and your products and services.

Often our clients start out by asking us to do a simple task and then when their confidence builds ask us to handle more sensitive or difficult tasks.

Our charges are transparent and are fixed at our hourly rate. Line rental for phone reception is charged at £25.00 per month.

We set up and maintain your email correspondence by receiving and answering them as if you were doing them yourself.

We keep you informed by email or telephone as events occur and act as a “gatekeeper” for unwanted sales and promotional (nuisance) calls

Our billing is up to the minute and you are invoiced at the end of each month on seven day terms. Disbursements are payable when they are made